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As your life coach and lay counselor, I can help you to see yourself, your relationships, and life clearly. I’ll give you the tools to help you heal, make life-changing decisions, and laugh a little in the process. I promise you that change doesn’t have to be painful, scary, or time-consuming. It can actually be fun!




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I grew up in Ireland lording it over my four younger siblings before my mother couldn’t take it anymore and sent me off to boarding school. (With a name that means queen or princess, what else would you expect?) I graduated high school at the tender age of seventeen, whereupon I moved to Spain for a year as an exchange student and did all sorts of embarrassing things with my freedom.

Once I got that out of my system (or did I?), I got my nursing degree, joined a Pentecostal church my family was sure was a cult, got engaged without dating first, married, had two kids, and moved to Texas on a lottery visa. Those little hyenas are now fully grown and released into the wild to do their own embarrassing things. I’ve heard Yellowstone Park has already benefited greatly from their presence.

These days I spend a lot of time enjoying life without kids (don’t judge, it’s amazing), posting stuff on Facebook, writing books, editing other people’s books, and hustling. Life is great. God is good. Love is divine.

Sally Hanan is an empowering writer, teacher, instructor, and revivalist. As a key leader in our community, her words have helped to shape the culture of revival for many people, and her time with others has produced hundreds of testimonies of freedom that replaced years of pain and bondage.

Bill Vanderbush, Speaker and Co-author of The Forgotten Way with Ted Dekker, Vanderbush Ministries

There is no other tool quite like Empower Yourself. Whether it’s related to prophecy, tongues, or God’s spiritual nature, this book will bring you all the way into a mature connection with our wonderful Holy Spirit and his gifts. I highly recommend this for all ages and groups to study from.

Shawn Bolz, speaker, author of Translating God, Bolz Ministries

Helps demystify the voice of God
Never preachy or overly churchy
A phenomenal encouragement
Practical and poignant
Communicates in a relaxed style and more than a bit of wit

Various Amazon reviewers

With complete empathy, respect, and care, she can call things as they are. No nonsense advice delivered in love. I always leave her office feeling both dignified and resolved in what direction to take.

Ashley W., therapist,, Ash Counseling


I give practical insights and add my questionable Irish wit, along with thought-provoking questions and activities.

I make a point to be as interactive and empowering as possible.

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